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Formula Student

Formula Student

Formula Student is a student engineering competition between technical universities around the world. They compare their development and construction of their race car - formula. This very prestigious competiton started in the US in 1981 as Formula SAE and from 1998 exists in Europe too. Races are also held in Japan, Australia and Brazil. More than five hundred teams from the whole world participate races every year. Competition has two categories - combustion engines and electric powered formulas.

The aim of the competition is build powerful, well-controlled, reliable and safety formula, it should be also appealing, eco-friendly and as low cost as possible - all according the rules. The rules say: build a racecar comply with the rules. It will be compared with concepts of rivals and only the best one will take serial production. Potential customer for the project is non-professional racer. Means to building the car must get each team by their own.

The team with highest score win. Each team can get 1000 points.


Static Events

    • Design (150 points)
    • Cost and Manufacturing (100 poits)
    • Business Presentation (75 points)

Safety Testing

    • Technical and Safety Scrutineering
    • Tilt Test
    • Brake and Noise Test

Dynamic Events

    • Acceleration - 75 m (75 points)
    • Skid Pad (50 points)
    • Autocross (50 points)
    • Endurance (300 points) + Fuel Efficiency (100 points)

Why to participate the Formula Student

Participation in these races is certainly great showcase for team's home university and also team's sponsors and partners. Their partners often employ students after their graduation.

Eight departments of Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Ostrava joined forces together and enabled to build 2nd prototype of Formula Student car at university in Ostrava.

Photo: Formula Student Czech Republic