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FS Czech Republic | Autodrom Most

We participated our first race last week (2015, September 3rd - 6th). Race Formula Student Czech Republic, originally located in Hradec Králové, took place at Autodrom Most for the first time. There were 40 registered teams - 28 with combustion engine and 13 electric powered.

It was our very firts competition with our very first formula, so we knew we do not win this race. We thought about it more likely as some kind of excursion and the way how to know more. We participated only Statics Events: Design, Cost and Manufacturing and Bussiness Presentation. Our places in this events were beyond our expectations:

Results of Formula Student VŠB-TUO's Team

Design 33,33 points 22nd place
Cost and Manufacturing 36,69 points 17th place
Bussiness Presentation 33,21 points 20th place

We enjoyed this race and got many new valuable knowledge. We can't wait the next season!

More information and photos you can find at Formula Student Czech Republic facebook, more photos of us in our gallery.